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Program Type: Summer Reading
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A Party we will have! We are having a Star Wars party at the City Auditorium to end the summer! Come Make lightsabers, train to be a Jedi, play games and much more! Grand prize winners will be announced, though you don't need to be present to win!

Activities for kids and tweens:
Become a Jedi!
-Make Yoda ears or Leia buns on a headband to wear during the party
-Make a lightsaber or a galaxy jar
-Pin the lightsaber on Yoda
-Lightsaber training battles
-Destroy the Deathstar
-Battle Darth Vader

Activities for the whole family:
-Story circle
-Star Wars Mad Libs
-Star Wars Charades
-Star Wars Jeopardy
-Astronomy Jeopardy

Activites for teens:
-Make galaxy jar light sabers
-Star Wars Charades
-Star Wars quotes Mad Libs

Activities for adults:
-Pitch Card game
-Sci-Fi Trivia on Kahoot